Why You Should Get Skyrim on Switch

The mega-popular RPG Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This means that you will have the ability to have a portable version of this game for the very first time. The game will be one of the first mature games on the system giving adult players more of a reason to buy the console. The game will feature the complete edition with all the DLC included on the cartridge. This means you can spend another 100 hours in the game and not even have to stop to leave the house anymore.

What is Skyrim?

Just in case you missed out somehow or have only stuck to Nintendo consoles, Skyrim is huge. The game is an open-world adventure with hundreds of hours of story content. There are multiple factions you can join or quests lines you can follow within the game. The story gives the player a lot of freedom to do things however they wish. This can mean simply playing a hero who saves everyone to destroying a whole town.  This freedom has attracted in all types of new players to the RPG genre. There is pretty much something for everyone contained in this game.

The game starts off by letting you customize a character to your liking. This means you can insert yourself in the game or create a hideous monster to play as. Then you are thrown into a world with dragons, Werewolves, and Orcs. The best part is you decide if you want to go fight them or be really lazy and just steal better items. If you like adventuring though you will love that it has one of the most expansive maps in game history. Skyrim has caves that literally will take you up to 30 minutes to fully explore. Even better there are new quests around every corner to take part in.

What DLC is Included

There are three DLC expansions included with the full version of the game. The first of the three is Dawngaurd that officially lets you become a vampire without mods. This expansion adds a new storyline into your world, as well as a few new locations for you to explore. The second expansion is called Hearthfire and adds a homeowners expansion to the game. With Hearthfire you can buy a plot of land and adopt children. This means you can make your own little space in Skyrim and take your family there to live! Even better you will have a nice place to store all of your loot.

Lastly, there is the last expansion Dragonborn that takes you to an island called Solstheim. This island is a place where you can gain the ability to ride a dragon. Along with this is some new story content and armor for you to enjoy. The Dlc adds about 20 more hours of gameplay at a minimum on top of the base games 100 plus hours of content. If this isn’t enough to remember that the Switch version is going to feature motion control for physical attacks. This may not be the best way to play for long periods of time, but it will certainly be an entertaining trick to show your friends.

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