Miitomo Is Shutting Down

If you’ve been following cell phone Trends lately than you probably heard that the app <iitomo is closing. This map is been a very popular among children and college groups for your ability to customize your character and answer fun questions.  the app launched about 2 years ago and due to the fast-moving nature of mobile games, it’s lost a lot of support is had over the years. This app was originally developed by Nintendo as a way to break into the mobile market and what is their first truly mobile game in the states.

  In the game currently, they are doing goodbye to Miitomo celebration were they give you lots of coins to buy fashion within tickets to win styles that you may have missed.  this is a great time for you and your friends to get back into the app if you got out of it and customize the character you’ve always wanted. Once you customize them you can even upload them to your My Nintendo account to Forever use that Avatar.  this is definitely a part of gaming history that you want to check out if you have it before since it was Nintendo’s pet project for entering into the popular mobile world like they have now.

If you want to play a game like Miitomo that’s going to stay around for a while then you’re going to need a 3DS and a game called Tomodachi Life. this game lets you design Meez of your friends and yourself. You can also play them much like in Miitomo and even get your friends married if you’re lucky enough to be able to influence a relationship. It’s the only true successor to this app I’ve seen and the only way I can currently recommend if you love Miitomo. be sure to check out those other apps like Super Mario run and Animal Crossing for more Fun from the developer.

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