Hello Neighbor is The New In Game.

For the longest time, the game Five Nights at Freddy’s has reign supreme in children’s horror games. Kids all over the world have been clamoring about Five Nights at Freddy’s since it came out and the toys have been selling like crazy. Now that it’s been a few years attention is turn into another game then spacing the whores on her as well. This new game is called hello neighbor and is available on both Xbox and steam. Like Five Nights at Freddy’s it’s a very tense game but a lot of kids will find horrified when they first play it.

The game revolves around a child that wants to know what exactly is going on in his neighbor’s house. ┬áto find out what he’s up to the game ends up getting used to breaking into his house without him catching you. As you play the game bigger gets smarter and learns how to counteract your play style. This makes it extremely nerve-wracking to try and get around him. At times he will just seem really pop up out of nowhere. Even the end of hiding places aren’t safe is he will open the cabinet that you’re in to find you.

Just about every kid ever wants to play this game now. It has become extremely popular on streaming services and the eye clinic neighbor has already gotten himself made in the merchandise. And stores that sell the game hello neighbor there are constantly kids coming in asking for version for all the consoles. As of right now only the Xbox releases out and hopefully we’ll see a PS4 release in the future so that everybody can enjoy the game. If you’re thinking of picking up this game is $29.99 And has multiple endings that will keep you busy for hours.

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