Phone Scammers Vs. Youtubers.

If you’re like most of us you’re probably tired of getting called by scammers on your personal phone. In recent years the amount of scam related phone calls has greatly increase. They even now have access to your mobile number which is even more infuriating if you’re in waiting on an important call. Even worse they can make their phone number look like it’s coming from your area to add your aggravation. I can’t count how many times a day that I supposedly won a free Cruise now. they will literally tall 3 to 5 times just trying to get your attention and to get your speak to them.

It’s no surprise that some YouTubers have started to fight back in the funny videos like the ones above. It’s also no surprise that the scammers that trying to them when they learn that they’re being messed with. Even under severe pressure these people keep up their act and won’t even break no matter what the Youtubes do. Videos like the one above are meant to show people just how determined scammers are to making sure they get their money out of you. They don’t even care what they’re saying makes any sense to you or not they just want to pray on people who are nervous enough to do what they say.

┬áthe reactions in this video are totally real add are made by calling real scam lines that are popularly known the internet. Sadly enough no matter what ┬átype of reasoning you try to give these people they still won’t Bend or a method they’re doing anything wrong. They would even try to negotiate with you to make you feel better if you tell them you’re in a bad spot. If you know somebody who doesn’t want understand which cameras are or somebody was elderly show them these videos just to get the point across to never give your information to anyone over the phone. Also, these videos are just plain funny to watch.

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