Reddit Gifts Lets You Have Christmas All Year Long!

If you’re tired of waiting for Christmas to come back around again and want to exchange some gifts that we have the perfect stand-in for you. There is a huge secret Santa online community that is officially run for you to participate in. This community is called Reddit Gifts it is spun from the popular online community of the same name. This community has monthly gifts exchanges and is totally easy to use for newcomers. The system that’s people to make sure you don’t get ripped off and has swap angels in case you do to get you think of the goodness of their heart.

But how does this work? Well, all you have to do is make a Reddit account and then make a Reddit Gifts account. You’re going to need to link the two to prove that you’re a real person but after that, you can pick what gift exchange you want to sign up for. Now, surely not you can only do one gift exchange at once. This is because as members go on and do more exchanges you get more points towards doing multiple exchanges at once. At any given time that usually has between 10 and 12 different exchanges going on but you can choose from.

So, how did a random strangers know what you like? And all the exchanges there was an empty box and she’ll be able to put everything you’re interested in into. The exchanges also generally made so that the swap or revolve around the same you chose. For example there are snobbish changes were people since snatch the Regency together. Of course, they even have a box for you to put in any allergies you may have to keep you from being too disappointed about not getting something you want. You also have to post your gifts for everybody to see after you receive them and help rate your Santa to keep the community Fair.

Miitomo Is Shutting Down

If you’ve been following cell phone Trends lately than you probably heard that the app <iitomo is closing. This map is been a very popular among children and college groups for your ability to customize your character and answer fun questions.  the app launched about 2 years ago and due to the fast-moving nature of mobile games, it’s lost a lot of support is had over the years. This app was originally developed by Nintendo as a way to break into the mobile market and what is their first truly mobile game in the states.

  In the game currently, they are doing goodbye to Miitomo celebration were they give you lots of coins to buy fashion within tickets to win styles that you may have missed.  this is a great time for you and your friends to get back into the app if you got out of it and customize the character you’ve always wanted. Once you customize them you can even upload them to your My Nintendo account to Forever use that Avatar.  this is definitely a part of gaming history that you want to check out if you have it before since it was Nintendo’s pet project for entering into the popular mobile world like they have now.

If you want to play a game like Miitomo that’s going to stay around for a while then you’re going to need a 3DS and a game called Tomodachi Life. this game lets you design Meez of your friends and yourself. You can also play them much like in Miitomo and even get your friends married if you’re lucky enough to be able to influence a relationship. It’s the only true successor to this app I’ve seen and the only way I can currently recommend if you love Miitomo. be sure to check out those other apps like Super Mario run and Animal Crossing for more Fun from the developer.

Gamestop Has Ultra Cheap Clearance!

did you know that one of the cheapest places to get merchandise is actually GameStop stores? GameStop has recently started selling items from ThinkGeek. These items all can go on clearance in their stores and are more than 50% off their online price tag. You can I find all the types of useful things in this clearance aisle such as cups, kitchenware, and lighting for your house. In fact, I would say that GameStop has one of the best clearance sections I’ve ever seen upon store due to the large selection and the very cheap prices

 if you’re a fan of toys are you have kids that you want to get a good reward for the clearance section Is a wonderful place to go. They have everything from stuffed animals two little model kits that you can buy your children as rewards for next to nothing. They also regularly have buy one get one free clearance sales which make the value go up even more than it already is. While there are any video games in the selection, you can find things like headsets for your gaming system or accessories that may help youwith some some organization.

That’s not enough to convince you to go see your local GameStop for right now and look around. Then I should also add in the fact they will have buy one get one free shirts cells. Their shirts are actually quite nice and are comparable to most other fashion stores. They also are pop culture like instead of just video game-related me and you could probably find something for everybody in your family. When the shirts are on clearance they raided about 5.97 and when factoring with a buy one get one free sale it is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen.