Nintendo Switch: Now in Stock

One of the hottest items of the year and this holiday season is the Nintendo Switch. This little gadget launched back near the start of the year. Up until now, the Switch has been incredibly hard to come by in stores. This has since stopped being an issue seemingly out of nowhere as more and more Switchs have appeared. Now, you may have heard your kids or grandkids talking about this thing. So what exactly is a Nintendo Switch and where are the best places to find them now that it won’t be a painful hunt?

Basic Info

You can get a Nintendo Switch at just about any retailer that sells games. The system is $299.99 alone and if you get a bundle will make its way up to 369.99. If you’re looking for the game Splatoon 2 then you will want to get you bundle from Walmart though. There is also going to be a Mario Odyssey bundle launching soon that will come with the newest Mario game. You will also need to choose what color scheme to get with the base system. You can either go for an all grey look or blue and red controllers. For the bundles, they have their own color schemes to go along with the games they are bundled with.

The Switch will come boxed with 2 Joy-Cons that can be used by two different players. If you want a single player game then they can be combined in the included controller piece for more gameplay options. You will also find the Switch’s charging dock. This can be used to connect the console to the TV and charge it when your not home. If you want to take your Switch on the go there charging docks power cord can be detached to directly charge the system. The system will also come with one HDMI cord to connect the dock to the TV.

Extra Accessories

There are a few items you may want to pick up while buying your Switch.  If you think the console will be carried around a lot then you will need a carrying case. The carrying cases can be purchased for around $19.99. They are one of the only safe ways to take around the system and games.  The cases will even come with a safe place to store your charger while in transport. See if you can get a screen protector as well for a little bit of extra durability.

Next, consider getting some extra Joy-Cons. These will make it so when your kids have friends over they can all take part in the fun. The Switch already comes with two so all you will need is another two pack. This will run you around 69.99 as the controllers are a little bit expensive. You also may want to look into the classic controller. This is a more traditional shaped controller that is made for games like Zelda. Many older gamers will probably prefer this when playing single player games on their Switch. This will run you around $69.99 as well.

Pusheen Box: The Box to Give a Cat Enthusist

Who doesn’t have a cat lover in their life at this point. Cats are literally everywhere even if we don’t want them to be. Chances are a furry overlord is watching you right now as you read this. The holidays are also coming up meaning you are starting to worry about what to get your friends and family for Christmas. Well, if there a cat lover we got you covered. You can simply send them Pusheen box. This box is packed with cat themed items. Thats right a box that sure to make your mom talk about how cute her new cat shaped it is for months to come.

Getting The Box

To get Pusheen box simply go to and look at the avalible subscription lengths. Depending on who the gift is for you can pay for one box to four. The boxes ship correctly and generally are set around a theme. Pusheen Box will also be filled with items appropriate for that season and usually comes right in the middle of it. The box is a little on the expensive side costing $49.99 to get one box sent out. The items inside are all of high quality and officially branded by the Pusheen creators.

Of course, they only accept Paypal or a card. This means you can’t pay with a money order or cash. You can opt in to pay quartly instead of a large sum if you want to get a year without paying the full price up front. The box will require a shoe and shirt size since they quite frequently send out clothing items. Be sure to get all of your giftees requirements it’s a little hard to exchange out the products due to a customer error. If you mess up though just email the team before the box ships to change over your selected sizing.

What Type of Items Come in This Box?

Pretty much anything you can imagine comes in these boxes. Every quarter you will have a seasonal themed Pusheen vinyl figure included. Generally, a theme will be announced that fits around the figure for each box. Past themes have included Kitchen and Vacation. In these boxes most of the items where items you would use in these areas. The boxes will also contain about $100 worth of Pusheen merchandise in each shipment. A lot of the items have high resell value, as well, and are completely exclusive to this subscription.

Some of the exclusive items so far have been the vinvlys, a Pusheen speaker, and a planter.  A lot of the times you will get 3-4 more valuable items then 2-3 medium value with the remaining items being cutesy things like stationary.  Most subscribers have said that they are completely satisfied with every box they have gotten. They also have stated that Pusheen box focuses on useful items instead of sending you junk like most subscription services do. This is sure to please anyone who loves surprises, but hates gambling with iffy services that generally send small items or lots of keychains.

Get Fallouts 4’s Complete Edition Now!

If your looking for one of the hottest games to come out in this generation look no further. Fallout 4 the open world post-apocalyptic game by Bethesda has released a new edition. This is the definitive edition of the game that comes complete with all the add-ons released for the game. That means that you can own the complete adventure by just walking into a store and purchasing the G.O.T.Y edition today. There is also a collectors edition up for sale that will make previous fans of the series even more excited.

The Workshop Expansions

The Game of the Year version comes with the Season Pass that contains 6 DLC packs. The first three packs you will want to download add even more options for customization in the game. These will make it so building your settlements is even more involved than ever before. These will give you all new items like neon signs to customize your business with. if your bored of making normal settlements then build a Vault. The expansion pass comes with all the content you will need to finish a Vault that was abandoned before the war. You even can perform experiments on your vault dwellers with the newly added objects.

If that’s not good enough then try capturing a Death Claw. Contraptions is the last DLC pack you can download for the Workshop. This will give you the ability to build cages and capture Wastlelands creatures in them. Afterwards, build yourself an arena for them to fight it out in. Some of these expansions will even give you new ways to play the game. Make sure to look through everything you get from the add-ons to get the most out of your new tools.

World Expansions

With the expansion pass, you will get 3 world expansions. The first of these will add in the ability to fight the Mechromancher and his robot armies. This expansion if short, but adds a few new quests and weapons. You will also gain the ability to build and customize robots.  That means you can have an all out robot war within the game. Next, you get the Far Harbor expansion. This expansion adds in a whole island to explore in the game. You will be able to travel to Bar Harbor in main where you can fight all new enemies. Far Harbor adds in all-new factions to join and tons of new story content.  Some fans even consider this the strongest part of Fallout 4 since it steps away from the settlment building.

Lastly, we have the expansion for Nuka World. Nuka World adds in the ability to go to the Nuka Cola theme park. This park has been overrun by raiders and you have to take control of it. Nuka World doesn’t have a lot of story content, but it does have a lot of cool locations to explore. This is a great action-packed end to the expansions that any Fallout fan should want to experience. If all this isn’t enough the collector’s edition contains a real-life Pip-Boy that you can wear while playing the game!

Persona 5: A Solid Rpg

If you know anything about some of the top games this year then you’ve probably heard of Persona 5. Now that the years calming down we finally can take a look at some of the biggest release to come to the gaming world. Of those this turn-based RPG is still beating out the competition with its alluring story and style. Persona is a game the will cost you about $39.99 for over 60 hours of gameplay and new gameplay plus incentives when you beat it. That’s a lot of time compared to most other campaigns to come out this year.

The Base Story

Persona 5 is based around the Phantom Thieves. These guys have the ability to steal the hearts of their targets. This means that they can make corrupted humans turn over a new leaf and confess their crimes. The game follows the groups efforts to make the world a safer place by removing corrupt officials. This ends badly as shown in the first few minutes of the game where the leader is capturped by the police. The game flashes back in forth between a confession room and the past to show how the thieves got caught during the heists they where cunducting.

The Phantom Thieves are also high school students. This means that the group has to work around their school lives while not giving officials a reason to be suspicous of them. There is also a huge mystery behind a cat named Morganna who teaches the group the rules of stealing hearts. As you go through the game the situations become more mature and darker giving each chapter a new since of urgency. The main character named joker also just happens to be on probation making it even more risky for the group to get caught.

The Gameplay

Persona focuses heavily on some pretty unique forms of Gameplay. You will have to balance the life of a theif with your normal everyday tasks. In the game you will be expected to hang out with friends and build connections. These connections will help lend you power in battle when in a dungeon. You will also need to build up your social skills. This can be done by working at part-time jobs and participating in hobbies. You do have a time limit for each chapter meaning you will have to plan out what you want to do.  Spending time on a hobby or with a friend will take away one of your time slots making every interaction count.

The in- game battle system is based on Personas. Persona are creatures you can fuse or get to join you from battle. They all have different abilties and elemnt type attacks you can use. This means you will have to experiment to get the set-up you want. In battle you will also have party members with their own Personas. Make sure to balance attacking with healing, blocking, and curing status effects to be succesful. The battle system also features pshyical attacks you can use as well as guns that can do damage to enemies.