More Funny Names For Your Orange Cat!


Jack: If you’re not into the pumpkin spice name, but still like pumpkins then Jack is for you. Short for Jack-o-lantern this if for any cat the likes to stalk around in the dark. Just be sure not to leave any candles lit near jack or you may end up with a mess.

Ginger: Ginger is a simple cute name for a simple and cute cat. Coming from the orange color of a ground up ginger root this is perfect for any female cat you come across. If need be it can also be used to name a rather bitter kitty as well.

Amber: If you have ever seen a fossilized amber then you know where we are coming from. Amber is a beautiful creation from the earth perfect for a relaxed kitty that enjoys the outdoors. You can even get them a collar with an actual amber on it to complete the naming process.

Kyo: If you want a more oriental name the Kyo is the way you should go. Based off an orange cat from a Japanese tv show, this is perfect for a moody cat. If your orange cat is hard headed and doesn’t like to listen name him Kyo, it’s a perfect fit.

Ruby: If you have an orange cat the teeters on the more red side of the color spectrum them a name like Ruby if for you. Ruby’s are beautiful gems that have been coveted and loved for ages. It’s a perfect representation of the new bond you’re going to form with your cat over the years.

Maple: For some reason, things to do with the season of Autumn are just overly orange. This is especially true when it comes to the beautiful shades of orange the leaves on a maple tree turn during the season. If you have a cat that’s sweet like syrup and a beautiful shade of orange then Maple is the name for you.

Simba: The Lion King is a classic movie about a heroic young cub who takes back his kingdom from his uncle. Simba himself is a young orange lion that is full of courage and has a fun attitude. If your cat is always finding himself in positions that make you go “how did you get there?” then Simba is the name for them!

Peach: While a lot of people think of peaches as pink that’s only true for the Japanese peach. The normal peach is actually a nice orange color and extremely sweet. This means that if you have a big cuddly orange cat in your life then peach is the perfect name for them.

Caviar: Sometimes your cat may think they are royalty. If you have somehow found yourself with a feline of high tastes then Caviar may be the perfect name for you to choose. Caviar is an expensive treat made for people with more expensive tastes. This is the perfect name if you have found yourself with a high-class feline.