Valentines Day For New Couples

With Valentine’s Day right upon us you may be wondering what you should do for your man?  if you’re in a new relationship you probably don’t know what exactly is a safe bet to get on Valentine’s Day. You may be wondering if you even should celebrate the holiday with him? the holiday has long been celebrated as a show of love for couples but for those of us in your relationship we don’t exactly know what to do when it comes to love. It may even be too early to think about using the word love at all actually.

So what are you do for Valentine’s Day in a new relationship? Number one don’t make a big deal about it. Well, you shouldn’t ignore your significant other completely, but try to get them something small like a bag of their favorite candy. Don’t go overboard with anything just yet as you may make them feel suffocated. If your a man looking to impress a woman just take her out to a nice dinner. Don’t do anything too expensive but go for something like a middle-grade restaurant and let her order whatever she wants on the menu that’s reasonable. Make it more about getting to know each other instead of trying to shower each other with gifts.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to go on another date with your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t waste it use it to get to know them better and don’t focus on all the flashy stuff. Also don’t feel pressure to say I love you yet just because of the holiday. This is a great chance for you to improve your relationship without making it more uncomfortable. Have a nice night in make something you can remember later on in your relationship when you’re more comfortable with each other. If you really want to get them a gift on top of that, do something like get them a CD or something small to show that you’ve been listening to them while getting to know them.

Why You Should Own A Sphynx Cat

Look, if you’re in the market for a pet then I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing a furless companion that will keep you warm at night and make shedding a worry of the past. The animal I’m referring to is known as a Sphynx cat and they are about the closest thing to a dog you can get out of a cat. These cats also feature giant bat-like ears and almond-shaped eyes that give them an even more unique look.not only that but these cats are pretty great snuggle buddies, they will take note I’m getting warmed up you once you bring one home!

These cats are also extremely attention-seeking meaning they will do whatever it takes to try and get yours. That means you can look forward to all types of crazy Antics and funny poses put on by your new Sphynx. They’re also almost guaranteed to cuddle with you almost every night. you can expect your new pet to want to be under the covers with you. Just watch out they can get a little bit jealous if you bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend home. Sphynx cats are notoriously for being attached there humans and will do whatever it takes to win your affection back towards them.

Not convinced yet, well then we have some more fun information for you! Sphynx cats are actually more like than cats.  these pets can even learn tricks or intelligently figure their way out of situations. In fact, my Sphynx cat can even drink out of a water bottle with no problem at all. These are definitely the way to go if you want it interesting pet that the whole family will love. Go out and get you one now, they may be a little pricey, but these guys are totally worth it!

Funny Names For Your Orange Cat

If you have recently brought an orange cat home then you may be struggling to find a good name for them. If you don’t want to go for the basics like Garfield or Pumpkin then we have the perfect list for you. The list below contains some of the cutest and most creative orange cat names we could think of. Keep reading and we hope our orange-themed list helps you find the perfect name for your new feline companion

Orange Cat Names

Sriracha: This is the perfect name for anybody who a cat with a little bit of naughtiness in them. Taken for the popular orange sauce that is now being poured on every food item in existence, this is the perfect name to make your cat feel unique. Just make sure not to actually feed them anything spicy.

Crash: Crash is a popular video game mascot that is known for is lush orange fur. This is the perfect name to give to any cat who has a wild side to him. Just make sure this cat doesn’t get near any boxes as that is crashes favorite thing to destroy within the games.

Spice: We know that naming an orange cat pumpkin is just a little bit overdone. Instead, why not name him spice in reference to the popular fall time beverage. If you wanted to be really creative you could even get another cat and name him pumpkin, that’d be a pretty interesting combo to call for dinner time.

Poppy: If you have a cat on your hand that is a true sweetheart then name them after a poppy. This flower has beautiful orange blooms that can brighten up just about any room. If you have an especially orange cat then this can be a great name to help express there impressive coloring to friends.

Cider: If you have ever had apple cider then you are more than familiar with the sweet taste it leaves in your mouth. If your orange cat makes you want to melt with the amount of attention it gives you then this name is purrfect for him

Citrus: We understand if you don’t want to just name your orange cat orange. In the case, you like the sour fruit though you can just go ahead and call your cat citrus. This sounds way cooler than calling him juice or fruity we swear.

Tiger: This name is for the fiercest of cats who are just a tad bit wilder than others. Tiger is a perfect name for an orange cat that you may have rescued from the wild. This name suites any cat who still has a little bit of feral in him while still wanting to be a house cat.

Nacho: Ok, so who doesn’t love to chow down on some nachos once in a while. Sometimes I even find my own cats trying to get there on the taste of the cheesy goodness. If you want to name your cat something cute and a little different then Nacho is a great choice for you.

Reddit Gifts Lets You Have Christmas All Year Long!

If you’re tired of waiting for Christmas to come back around again and want to exchange some gifts that we have the perfect stand-in for you. There is a huge secret Santa online community that is officially run for you to participate in. This community is called Reddit Gifts it is spun from the popular online community of the same name. This community has monthly gifts exchanges and is totally easy to use for newcomers. The system that’s people to make sure you don’t get ripped off and has swap angels in case you do to get you think of the goodness of their heart.

But how does this work? Well, all you have to do is make a Reddit account and then make a Reddit Gifts account. You’re going to need to link the two to prove that you’re a real person but after that, you can pick what gift exchange you want to sign up for. Now, surely not you can only do one gift exchange at once. This is because as members go on and do more exchanges you get more points towards doing multiple exchanges at once. At any given time that usually has between 10 and 12 different exchanges going on but you can choose from.

So, how did a random strangers know what you like? And all the exchanges there was an empty box and she’ll be able to put everything you’re interested in into. The exchanges also generally made so that the swap or revolve around the same you chose. For example there are snobbish changes were people since snatch the Regency together. Of course, they even have a box for you to put in any allergies you may have to keep you from being too disappointed about not getting something you want. You also have to post your gifts for everybody to see after you receive them and help rate your Santa to keep the community Fair.

Phone Scammers Vs. Youtubers.

If you’re like most of us you’re probably tired of getting called by scammers on your personal phone. In recent years the amount of scam related phone calls has greatly increase. They even now have access to your mobile number which is even more infuriating if you’re in waiting on an important call. Even worse they can make their phone number look like it’s coming from your area to add your aggravation. I can’t count how many times a day that I supposedly won a free Cruise now. they will literally tall 3 to 5 times just trying to get your attention and to get your speak to them.

It’s no surprise that some YouTubers have started to fight back in the funny videos like the ones above. It’s also no surprise that the scammers that trying to them when they learn that they’re being messed with. Even under severe pressure these people keep up their act and won’t even break no matter what the Youtubes do. Videos like the one above are meant to show people just how determined scammers are to making sure they get their money out of you. They don’t even care what they’re saying makes any sense to you or not they just want to pray on people who are nervous enough to do what they say.

 the reactions in this video are totally real add are made by calling real scam lines that are popularly known the internet. Sadly enough no matter what  type of reasoning you try to give these people they still won’t Bend or a method they’re doing anything wrong. They would even try to negotiate with you to make you feel better if you tell them you’re in a bad spot. If you know somebody who doesn’t want understand which cameras are or somebody was elderly show them these videos just to get the point across to never give your information to anyone over the phone. Also, these videos are just plain funny to watch.

Hello Neighbor is The New In Game.

For the longest time, the game Five Nights at Freddy’s has reign supreme in children’s horror games. Kids all over the world have been clamoring about Five Nights at Freddy’s since it came out and the toys have been selling like crazy. Now that it’s been a few years attention is turn into another game then spacing the whores on her as well. This new game is called hello neighbor and is available on both Xbox and steam. Like Five Nights at Freddy’s it’s a very tense game but a lot of kids will find horrified when they first play it.

The game revolves around a child that wants to know what exactly is going on in his neighbor’s house.  to find out what he’s up to the game ends up getting used to breaking into his house without him catching you. As you play the game bigger gets smarter and learns how to counteract your play style. This makes it extremely nerve-wracking to try and get around him. At times he will just seem really pop up out of nowhere. Even the end of hiding places aren’t safe is he will open the cabinet that you’re in to find you.

Just about every kid ever wants to play this game now. It has become extremely popular on streaming services and the eye clinic neighbor has already gotten himself made in the merchandise. And stores that sell the game hello neighbor there are constantly kids coming in asking for version for all the consoles. As of right now only the Xbox releases out and hopefully we’ll see a PS4 release in the future so that everybody can enjoy the game. If you’re thinking of picking up this game is $29.99 And has multiple endings that will keep you busy for hours.

Miitomo Is Shutting Down

If you’ve been following cell phone Trends lately than you probably heard that the app <iitomo is closing. This map is been a very popular among children and college groups for your ability to customize your character and answer fun questions.  the app launched about 2 years ago and due to the fast-moving nature of mobile games, it’s lost a lot of support is had over the years. This app was originally developed by Nintendo as a way to break into the mobile market and what is their first truly mobile game in the states.

  In the game currently, they are doing goodbye to Miitomo celebration were they give you lots of coins to buy fashion within tickets to win styles that you may have missed.  this is a great time for you and your friends to get back into the app if you got out of it and customize the character you’ve always wanted. Once you customize them you can even upload them to your My Nintendo account to Forever use that Avatar.  this is definitely a part of gaming history that you want to check out if you have it before since it was Nintendo’s pet project for entering into the popular mobile world like they have now.

If you want to play a game like Miitomo that’s going to stay around for a while then you’re going to need a 3DS and a game called Tomodachi Life. this game lets you design Meez of your friends and yourself. You can also play them much like in Miitomo and even get your friends married if you’re lucky enough to be able to influence a relationship. It’s the only true successor to this app I’ve seen and the only way I can currently recommend if you love Miitomo. be sure to check out those other apps like Super Mario run and Animal Crossing for more Fun from the developer.

What Is Doki Doki Literature Club?

It seems like Gamers always find something to be upset stay over no matter what it is. Lately, 3 games have been all the rage and all that any streamers are playing. So it’s not surprising that the game Doki Doki Literature Club has found its way into stardom them especially since it’s completely free to download from Steam. Now if you have read the description this game you may be wondering just why a game about a high school club so popular? Well, let’s just say that things get strange and very very fast after you start playing the game.

Doki-Doki Literature Club is all about psychological horror and making you feel like you don’t have control over your surroundings. The game even will take control of your computer and read files on it to make you feel uncomfortable.  the story centers around you the main character trying to pick which girl to impress. As you go for each different girl you find out if they’re pretty much all insane or have some type of huge personality disorder that makes them crazy. In the end the only one you can date is the quiet girl named Monica.

To say the least, Monica is completely crazy and actually tells you that all the other girls are fake and only she is real. She also has the ability to change the game files data and Knos information about you that she just shouldn’t.This game isn’t for anybody who’s faint of heart or young children that may take it too seriously. The creators did an amazing job with making the horror elements seem extremely real and somebody who doesn’t know much about computers could probably get easily freaked out by this. It’s worth I play and I expect to see a lot of merchandise from this game come out sometime soon due to the fact that literally everybody is into it.

Gamestop Has Ultra Cheap Clearance!

did you know that one of the cheapest places to get merchandise is actually GameStop stores? GameStop has recently started selling items from ThinkGeek. These items all can go on clearance in their stores and are more than 50% off their online price tag. You can I find all the types of useful things in this clearance aisle such as cups, kitchenware, and lighting for your house. In fact, I would say that GameStop has one of the best clearance sections I’ve ever seen upon store due to the large selection and the very cheap prices

 if you’re a fan of toys are you have kids that you want to get a good reward for the clearance section Is a wonderful place to go. They have everything from stuffed animals two little model kits that you can buy your children as rewards for next to nothing. They also regularly have buy one get one free clearance sales which make the value go up even more than it already is. While there are any video games in the selection, you can find things like headsets for your gaming system or accessories that may help youwith some some organization.

That’s not enough to convince you to go see your local GameStop for right now and look around. Then I should also add in the fact they will have buy one get one free shirts cells. Their shirts are actually quite nice and are comparable to most other fashion stores. They also are pop culture like instead of just video game-related me and you could probably find something for everybody in your family. When the shirts are on clearance they raided about 5.97 and when factoring with a buy one get one free sale it is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen.

Why You Should Get Skyrim on Switch

The mega-popular RPG Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This means that you will have the ability to have a portable version of this game for the very first time. The game will be one of the first mature games on the system giving adult players more of a reason to buy the console. The game will feature the complete edition with all the DLC included on the cartridge. This means you can spend another 100 hours in the game and not even have to stop to leave the house anymore.

What is Skyrim?

Just in case you missed out somehow or have only stuck to Nintendo consoles, Skyrim is huge. The game is an open-world adventure with hundreds of hours of story content. There are multiple factions you can join or quests lines you can follow within the game. The story gives the player a lot of freedom to do things however they wish. This can mean simply playing a hero who saves everyone to destroying a whole town.  This freedom has attracted in all types of new players to the RPG genre. There is pretty much something for everyone contained in this game.

The game starts off by letting you customize a character to your liking. This means you can insert yourself in the game or create a hideous monster to play as. Then you are thrown into a world with dragons, Werewolves, and Orcs. The best part is you decide if you want to go fight them or be really lazy and just steal better items. If you like adventuring though you will love that it has one of the most expansive maps in game history. Skyrim has caves that literally will take you up to 30 minutes to fully explore. Even better there are new quests around every corner to take part in.

What DLC is Included

There are three DLC expansions included with the full version of the game. The first of the three is Dawngaurd that officially lets you become a vampire without mods. This expansion adds a new storyline into your world, as well as a few new locations for you to explore. The second expansion is called Hearthfire and adds a homeowners expansion to the game. With Hearthfire you can buy a plot of land and adopt children. This means you can make your own little space in Skyrim and take your family there to live! Even better you will have a nice place to store all of your loot.

Lastly, there is the last expansion Dragonborn that takes you to an island called Solstheim. This island is a place where you can gain the ability to ride a dragon. Along with this is some new story content and armor for you to enjoy. The Dlc adds about 20 more hours of gameplay at a minimum on top of the base games 100 plus hours of content. If this isn’t enough to remember that the Switch version is going to feature motion control for physical attacks. This may not be the best way to play for long periods of time, but it will certainly be an entertaining trick to show your friends.